Hustle and bustle. Life is all about “busyness”, with constant going and doing. But what if we don’t feel like we’ve got enough gas in the tank?


What if we can’t get our physical body to get on board with all the hustling and bustling we are supposed to be doing?


What if we are so spent from being the care takers of our families, our pets, our businesses, and our communities that we’re mentally fried?


If this wasn’t enough, anxiety levels have peaked across the nation this year with the Pandemic. We aren’t sleeping well, we wake up too early and go to bed too late. To-do lists are never ending and our mental memory chip is FULL.

Warning signs

If we paid attention to our body’s signaling like we do our phones  we might be seeing messages like these right about now: “AN UPDATE IS SCHEDULED FOR YOUR BODY TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT” or “ALL SYSTEMS FAIL, IT IS TIME TO REBOOT”. 


If any of this sounds even remotely familiar, please read on.


Acupuncture provides the reset-reboot-reprogram function our bodies need from time to time. When our health is off and we ignore our body’s internal signalling for any length of time it begins to send stronger “messages” like chronic pain, emerging autoimmune disorders, insomnia, indigestion, headaches, fertility struggles, and mood disorders.  


At some point in life everyone deals with major upheavals or emotional distress. These events can trigger a host of unexpected feelings and behaviors from anxiety, crushing depression, and even panic attacks to major disruptions in sleep and eating. 

Turning things around

Once you’ve received your body’s “messages” and decide it’s time to do something about turning off those alarms you might not know which first steps to take.


Let’s face it, turning one’s health around can be a daunting task that may feel overwhelming. So, how do we climb out of this hole? Baby steps.


Start with a few things you can control like: diet, exercise and sleep. Remember, it doesn’t have to be all at once.  



Before you even get out of bed, get your blood circulating with a few gentle stretches. If this feels good and you want more of where that came from, add in a few more stretches before you even hop in the shower. Slow and steady is best for stretching. Continue to build as you can, and maybe even opt for a yoga class a couple times each week. 


Drink more water

Especially first thing in the morning. Our body is hard working machine that uses our sleep time for it’s recovery and detoxification from the day before. So start with a large glass of water to help purge the built up waste products immediately. 


Eat more greens

 Eating a variety of fresh leafy greens daily can improve all things: liver function, metabolism, digestion, mental clarity. The list goes on and on here….


Get outside

Boosting Vitamin D levels helps mood and boosts immunity. Getting even 15 minutes of morning sun daily can do wonders for overall health!


Sleep well

Logging in a solid 8 hours each night is the goal. If you struggle with falling asleep or wake multiple times per night it’s time to get serious about getting those ZZZZZZs! Having good sleep hygiene includes unplugging electronics at least an hour before bed (put that phone down), avoiding watching stressful TV just before bed, not eating after 8pm, having a cup of calming tea are all very helpful here.


Dial down the stress

 Chronic stress leads to chronic disease. If you are unable to cut out the stress offenders from your life, find ways to significantly reduce your body’s stress response. Good suggestions here include: acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, and regular exercise.


Ramping up care

If you’ve started on the road to optimal health but just haven’t made enough progress, consider adding acupuncture to your regiment. Acupuncture has been extensively studied for the relief of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and so much more.

Research is now showing adding acupuncture as adjunctive therapy can even mitigate symptoms and some complications of neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Migraine headaches, and Neuropathy.


Receiving consistent care is key to alleviating active symptom and maintaining overall health. The staff at Health Pointe Jacksonville invite you to start living the life you deserve! Stop suffering. Start living. Now.



If you, or someone you love, are looking to optimize your overall health acupuncture may be what you’re looking for to ease your symptoms and reclaim your health and vitality!

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