Patient Care Coordinator

Meet Angel: Our Charismatic Patient Care Coordinator & Community Outreach Advocate

About Angel:
Angel is the vibrant soul behind Health Pointe Jacksonville’s patient care coordination and community outreach efforts. With her contagious smile and melodious voice, Angel brings a ray of sunshine to our team and the lives of those we serve. Her journey into healthcare stems from a deep-rooted passion for helping others and a natural gift for connecting with people from all walks of life.

As our Patient Care Coordinator and Community Outreach Advocate, Angel serves as the heart and voice of compassion for our patients and the wider community. She plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring seamless communication and a positive experience throughout their healthcare journey.

What Angel Does:
Angel’s responsibilities go beyond the confines of our clinic walls. She is a relentless advocate for our patients, ensuring their needs are heard, understood, and met with utmost care and attention. From scheduling appointments to coordinating referrals and providing emotional support, Angel’s dedication knows no bounds.

Community Engagement:
Beyond her role within the clinic, Angel is actively involved in our community outreach initiatives. She believes in the power of education and empowerment, organizing health workshops and participating in community events to promote wellness and access to healthcare services for all.

Why Angel Stands Out:
What sets Angel apart is not just her professional competence but her genuine warmth and infectious enthusiasm. Her colleagues and patients alike are drawn to her bubbly personality and unwavering positivity. Angel’s ability to find joy in every interaction and her genuine compassion make her an invaluable asset to our team and the community we serve.

Angel is more than just a Patient Care Coordinator; she is a Care Advocate and a beacon of hope and compassion in our healthcare community. With her at the helm, Health Pointe Jacksonville is committed to providing exceptional care with a smile and a song in our hearts. Join us in celebrating Angel’s unwavering dedication to making a difference, one smile at a time.