School is in session again here in North Florida. Boosting your immune system now will help you and your family avoid the dreaded fall cold/flu season.

Your immune system’s job is to keep you healthy by preventing or limiting infection. It does this by identifying and destroying harmful pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and more. 

Simply put, your immune system works hard to protect your body from infectious germs. Through highly complex and adaptive processes, a healthy immune system is always at work, shielding you from infections by identifying and destroying unfriendly microorganisms. 

It  also helps you build immunity so that when you encounter certain invading germs again, you can fight them more effectively the next time around, often without even getting sick at all.

We want to empower people to take control of their health and wellness journey by offering revolutionary and advanced healing technologies that are going to transform their lives so they can feel their absolute best.

If you’re seeking superhuman health, regardless of your age or condition, you’re about to learn what may bring the most dramatic change to your life.

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Super Human Protocol: a 3 step treatment to supercharge your system:

Designed in three steps, working together: Magnetism, Oxygen and Light, which when exposed to the body in this exact order, allow the body to actually restore order as each technology profoundly affects the next.

Step 1 is Magnetism, also known as PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), low field magnetic stimulation, is a type of therapy that promotes cellular communication, enhancing self-healing and wellness. 

Step 2 is Oxygenation via Ozone Therapy. One of the most important factors in healing is oxygen. Ozone is a naturally occurring energy-rich molecule embodying unique physico-chemical and biological properties. Ozone helps improve oxygen delivery in your body by causing more oxygen to be released by hemoglobin and improving red cell flexibility. This leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen released to the tissues. Ozone therapy also helps to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa by disrupting the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope making them vulnerable to oxidation and elimination from the body, replacing them with healthy cells.

10 benefits of ozone therapy: 

Improved Immune System. Ozone therapy can improve your immune system to fight off infection. …

  • Antibacterial, Antifungal, And Antiviral Abilities
  • Can Revert Brain Tissue Damage
  • Reduced Risk Of Repeat Heart Attacks
  • Helps the Body Detox
  • Heals Chronic Wounds
  • Pain Relief
  • Repaired Stem Cells
  • Cell Oxygenation
  • Healthier Skin

Step 3 is light therapy via infrared light, high-intensity light therapy delivers light energy units, in the form of photons, to damaged cells. These photons, absorbed by the cells through light therapy, stimulate the mitochondria to accelerate the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This biochemical increase in cell energy is used to help transform cells from a state of illness to a stable, healthy state. The result is it reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, stimulates tissue growth, and helps aid the body’s own healing process.


5 Ways to Supercharge Your Immune System at home


Good bacteria, such as probiotics, are necessary for a healthy digestive system and as a result, overall immune function. When you take antibiotics to kill bad bacteria in your body, you are also killing the good bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium along with it. When this happens, the body can become out of balance and result in chronic stomach pain. Taking a probiotic supplement or drinking liquids with probiotics in it such as kefir and kombucha can help keep your digestive function inline and improve your body’s food absorption.

Lemon and Peppermint oil
Both of these oils have detoxifying and healing properties for the body. Part of a strong immune system is cleansing and ridding the body of toxins. By adding a few drops of lemon oil to your water every day, the oil will help clean the blood and toxic buildup in your body. Peppermint oil is known for its healing properties for headaches, indigestion and a large variety of stomach ailments. Add peppermint oil or peppermint tea to your daily routine to aid digestion and help reduce cravings of sugary foods.

Reduce Stress
Emotional stress can cause a number of physical problems like insomnia, stomach pain and headaches. Because of this, the body can become very sick from chronic stress. Ways to reduce stress include exercise, meditation, massage therapy, yoga and deep breathing exercises.

Echinacea is an effective natural herb for preventing illness. The herb has been shown to increase the body’s white blood cell count, boosting the immune system. You can find this flowering plant at most stores in liquid or pill form.

Exercise is good for the body and mind in just about every way, one of them being immune health. Moderate exercise promotes circulation and blood flow, which keeps the body’s cells moving and working. Try adding just 20 minutes of exercise to your daily routine, whether it is walking, yoga or jogging.


Your immune system is the most important part of your body when it comes to staying healthy and fighting off disease and illness. It works by detecting harmful pathogens and viruses and protecting your body against them. When your immune system is not running properly, the body becomes more susceptible to illness.

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