Cosmetic acupuncture helps to create naturally healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.


In one visit you’ll see a change, in 5 you won’t believe it’s you, and in 10 you’ll have a whole new sense of self.


Our signature treatment focuses on the face while simultaneously supporting overall health.  Fine lines may

be eliminated and deeper wrinkles reduced. Bags under the eyes can be diminished, drooping eyelids lifted, puffiness reduced, sagging

jowls and double chins lifted. 


Ultimately this series of treatment helps people to be their best looking selves. Naturally.

How Acupuncture can help


Cosmetic acupuncture is a remarkable facial treatment which offers a real alternative that activates the skin cells, facial muscles,

circulation and the lymphatic system. This  anti-aging solution leaves your skin tighter, brighter, smoother and younger looking

without  “freezing and  filling”. Treatments can provide quick relief for acute symptoms, as well as significant and lasting relief

from recurrent or chronic skin conditions.

The skin reflects and reacts to imbalances  within the body’s internal landscape and the effects of the environment. Internal

disharmonies caused by strong  emotions, diet, and your constitution  can contribute to the development of a skin disorder.

Environmental influences can also trigger or exacerbate skin disorders.


General skin conditions that can be treated with acupuncture and Oriental medicine include acne, dermatitis, eczema, pruritus,

psoriasis, rosacea, shingles and urticaria (hives).


If you suffer from a skin condition or would like to know how to optimize your skin health, call

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Finding Eczema Relief

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a skin disorder resulting in rough, red and itchy patches on the body. In addition, there

can be a host of other symptoms and complications that can greatly vary between individuals. For some, small blisters may

be present that when scratched, may bleed or ooze fluid and then crust over when dry. For others, a persistent need to scratch

itchy skin may cause anxiety and sleep problems. Other symptoms of eczema include nighttime itching, red or brown skin

discoloration, bumps that ooze fluid and harden when dry, scaly-looking, thick, cracked or dry skin, skin inflammation or

sensitive, uncomfortable skin sensations. Complications that may arise from the symptoms of eczema include asthma, allergies,

skin infections, insomnia, emotional problems, gut health imbalance or eye problems.


Troubling Acne?

While acne is a condition that affects nearly 85 percent of all adolescents, the American Dermatologist Association reports

that 20 percent of adults have an active acne condition. So, though some are led to believe that acne is a problem that only

teenagers experience, the fact is that acne an impact any age group.

Acne often occurs when the hair follicles or pores become clogged from oil, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, environmental toxins or

physical irritations on the surface of the skin. Hair follicles are connected to sebaceous glands, which secrete an oily substance known as

sebum. Ordinarily, the secretion of sebum provides a luscious, healthy sheen to hair and skin. But there are times when the substance

builds up, causing the pores to become plugged.

For some, acne may just simply be a nuisance from time to time, but for others the problem is chronic. Not only do they suffer from

frequent acne breakouts, but also acne scarring. What’s more, only as little as 11 percent of the 60 million Americans struggling with

acne will seek professional treatment.

If you are showing symptoms of acne, even if it’s not chronic and severe, you may want to consider an appointment. In addition to

directly treating your skin condition through a personalized acupuncture treatment plan, you can also receive treatment if you

experience emotional distress from your skin condition. Plus, if you seek treatment earlier rather than later, you may help reduce

the incidence of permanent scarring.


Foods to Help You Look Your Best

Be sure to integrate these items into your diet to help keep your skin look its best:
  • Vitamin A:

    Acting as an antioxidant to neutralize harmful elements in our skin, vitamin A helps to prevent wrinkles, resist infection and maintain the skin’s elasticity. One of the best places to get vitamin A is from vegetables that are deep orange in color, such as carrots or sweet potatoes.

  • Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries and Plums:

    Antioxidants and other phyto-chemicals in these fruits can protect cells from damage and disintegration, thus guarding against premature aging. In a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, these four fruits weighed in with the highest “total antioxidant capacity” of any food.

  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs):

    Responsible for skin repair, moisture content and flexibility, and because the body cannot produce its own, EFAs must be obtained from one’s diet. Fish, walnuts and flaxseed oil are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Selenium:

    An antioxidant mineral responsible for tissue elasticity and healthy skin, selenium can be found in brown rice, turkey, tuna and Brazil nuts

  • Green Tea:

    Green tea’s ability to slow down the development of some signs of aging is attributed to its high levels of polyphenols, which have been well-documented for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Water:

    Essential to maintaining your skin’s elasticity and suppleness, hydration plays a key role in keeping skin cells healthy. Hydration helps cells move nutrients in and toxins out to keep skin clean and clear.