The Power of Tibetan Foot Soaks

by Miranda Cunningham


Medicine has been practiced in many different parts of the world for over thousands of years. Although it was not as advanced as today’s practices, the clever and determined healers of years past sought any way possible to care for the ill and diseased. One court physician of Ancient China had to work quickly as the Royal Princess was ill with diarrhea. If the physician did not cure her, he would also be met with death.






Unable to absorb anything orally due to her illness, the physician realized that she would still be able to absorb nutrients through the skin. Being that feet have some of the largest and most accessible pores, the physician created a concoction of herbs that could be heated with water, placed in a basin, and absorbed through the feet. The princess came to recovery and the physician lived to save another life. Straight folk tale or not, the concept of treating illness by feet soaking carrying on in China for generations.







Regardless of tradition, the process of foot soaking does have definite biological benefits. By putting one’s feet in comfortably hot water alone, the heart rate increases and the cardiovascular system beings to work hard in order break a sweat, which inevitably improves circulation. With the addition of the herbs, the benefits only increase. Some people still may believe that things cannot be absorbed through the skin, but when one comes in contact with poison ivy or poison oak, the possibility suddenly seems more likely. Imagine the same effect with healing herbs!


Foot soaking, although an older tradition, is still very relevant in today’s world and with today’s diseases and disorders. These diseases include:

Pain and inflammation

Sports injuries


Poor circulation
Insomnia and fatigue
Digestive ailments
Anxiety and depression
Stress and mood swings
Hormonal imbalance
Menstrual cramps
Irregular periods
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)




The herbs in Health Pointe Jacksonville’s Tibetan Foot Soaks are some of the purest most sought after herbs. They used to be reserved only for the highest Chinese royalty. Some of them are even harvested at a very particular mountain top during a very specific time of day. (If you don’t believe us, you can check out their website for yourself

Really amazing stuff and wonderful benefits without nasty “detox” side effects. Ask our acupuncturists about the Tibetan Foot Soaks at your next visit!