Quit Smoking Program

When you’re ready to quit, we’re here to help. If you have decided to quit smoking (or vaping) recently, but are unsure of exactly how to quit, we can help with our Smoking Cessation Program!

Quit smoking with acupuncture

What’s the program?

Our program is uniquely powerful in that it consists of several proven interventions which includes acupuncture, custom herbal formulas, relaxation technique instruction, and ear seed placement. This program will help you quit smoking and get you through the initial nicotine detoxification phase, plus arms you with techniques to avoid returning to it. For most people 10-15 treatments are all that is needed to completely quit and recover from the detoxification process of quitting. If you feel you could use a couple more sessions beyond this program, we can continue the treatments at an a la carte rate as needed.

How does it work?

Most people dread quitting smoking due to the intense detox process. Our treatments will significantly reduce cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms immediately. On a chemical level, acupuncture releases endorphins, and dopamine which are the body’s natural pain killers and “feel good” hormones to keep you calm, improve sleep and reduce irritability.

We recommend having 2-3 treatments per week for 2-4 weeks. The first treatment benefit generally wears off in the first 12-24 hours. Therefore having treatments in back-to-back succession is paramount to building a strong foundation where the benefits last longer, with permanent results.

Program Prep

We have found this combination of treatments works best when combined with the actual desire to quit from the patient. You have to want to quit 100% for yourself for this to be quick and permanent. If you are on the fence to quitting, still actually LIKE smoking, or are trying to quit for someone else (family member, loved one’s guilt) your success to quitting may be more temporary than permanent. Once you have firmly made up your mind that this is it, we can help you kick the habit for good.

Here are some helpful tips in preparation for quitting smoking:

  1. Remember quitting cold turkey is the easiest and most effective technique to quitting smoking.
  2. Now is the time to get rid of all your cigarettes! Even the “in case of emergency” ones stashed in your shoe in the guest closet. Don’t forget to get rid of all the ash trays, and lighters from your home, car and workplace
  3. Tell people you are quitting. This helps to solidify your goal and builds your support system. Tell your family, friends, coworkers. The more people who know your goals, the more support you will find.
  4. Envision yourself and refer to yourself as a “non-smoker”. Picture it in your head. What does your life look like? What does your health look and feel like. Make it your reality
  5. Consider the following questions carefully:

What are the compelling reasons to quit? What does it mean to YOU?

What is smoking costing YOU in terms of your health, self esteem, relationships, physical limitations?
What are the actual financial costs of smoking: each day, month, year?
Think about what else you could do with that money…

Treatment side effects

While the actual treatments are painless, you may experience discomfort from the detoxification process of quitting smoking afterwards.

These symptoms can include: body aches, low grade fever, headaches, insomnia, congestion, coughing, and poor mood.

The acupuncture treatments will certainly help to alleviate these discomforts for the short term, and the herbal formulas prescribed during this program will greatly reduce these symptoms for the long term. They are paramount to keeping your body on an even keel during this whole process.

When should I take my last cigarette?

Whether it’s been 6 hours, or 6 minutes since your last cigarette acupuncture can help anytime. Ideally you have completely committed to quitting before your first treatment.

What helps the detoxification process?

We give you a month’s supply of custom  herbal formulas that are specifically designed for you.  They are specific at expediting detoxification, boosting lung healing, reducing cravings, soothing the nervous system and balancing your mood. In addition, we suggest:

  • Increasing your water intake substantially will help to flush out the toxins from your body, as well as boost your energy.
  • Don’t skip meals. When you were smoking you may have replaced a meal with a cigarette. It allowed you to avoid the feelings associated with low blood sugar. Eating more nutritious food now will help to boost your mood, boost your immune system, improve eliminations and digestion. 
  • Remember the worst cravings only last a week. Take it one day at a time and know that by the time you’ve reached day 7 you are over the worst
  • Sugary foods are a sneaky “comfort” during this time, but aren’t helpful here. Food prepping is super helpful here with pre-cut carrots, celery, apples will set you up for success
  • If you slip up and have a cigarette, simply start again. Don’t beat yourself up or decide it’s an impossible feat. Just get back on track. Many of our patients back-slide during treatments before they quit for good.

Is there a guarantee or refund?

In a word: no. This should also give extra incentive to give your complete participation and effort here. We have never had one person who was 100% committed to quit smoking not be successful even if short term. It may be necessary to “recommit”yourself to your decision to quit at some point.

Avoiding relapse requires two things: overcoming the habit of smoking, and implementing stress relief mechanisms that help you to deal with stress so you don’t turn to cigarettes as a “stress reliever”.

Reminding yourself of the value your health being paramount. Remember what it feels like to be smoke-free. Improved oxygen intake, improved sleep, improved smell, improved taste, improved relationships. All of it. Also know that your investment will pay for itself in just 90 days of being smoke free. You can do it!

Cancellation policy

All of our patients agree to a 24 hour notification of cancellation, otherwise are charged a $45 cancellation fee.

*Results may vary