As I was driving to the clinic this morning, I began thinking of all of the possible topics that I wanted to share in this blog (I mean I was focusing on the road)! I realized that I hadn’t really put much information out there about myself! So for anyone interested, here it is!

I grew up about an hour south of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in a little town called Washington. My older brother and I were afforded the benefits of growing up in the ‘country’ where we could be gone all day playing in acres of woods, riding motorcycles through the fields, etc.
At the age of 13 I started odd jobs to be able to afford whatever it is that 13 year olds ‘need’. Over the years I babysat, tutored, cut grass, worked concession stands, did some remodeling, and made crafts to sell at fairs for extra money.

When I turned 16 I was able to get my first job and find out what my dad had been complaining about all of my life come tax time! I got a job in retail selling clothes and before two years were up I was promoted to an assistant manager position.

I stayed with that position until I went to college and studied Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Biology and all of the other fun subjects until I found The World of Natural Medicine in an herbology book. Thus began the journey that I continue on today!

After I completed massage school, I landed a job in Pittsburgh with a new company: Back For Life Inc. I became the Director of Operations for the company which is where I really learned a lot about business. I was responsible for a full time staff of 3 and at any given time 26 independent contractors to provide massage services to the area companies, salons, chiropractors, hospitals, home clients and the Pittsburgh Steelers. On top of that I was also performing the accounting, sales meetings, administrative duties, and providing massage. It was a great learning experience that continued until I felt it was time to work for myself!

At the end of 1999 I began working on my own clients and providing services for The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in their Center for Complementary Medicine Clinic. I continued some of my most rewarding work there until I moved to Jacksonville in 2007 to be with my boyfriend that I had been dating long distance for a year and a half (my husband as of 6/13/09).

After acquiring my florida massage license, my best friend of 10 years moved here from Houston and we began plans to open our Integrative Health Clinic. Health Pointe Jacksonville, LLC was born over many late nights with many glasses of wine!

It has taken a lot of work, the help of many wonderful friends and family, and dedication to get to where we are right now….which is with a very fruitful, successful Health clinic where I get to come to work and do my favorite thing: help people!!

Posted by Tamara L Luffy LMT, CNHP