Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Within each one of us resides a silent system, the lymphatic system, whose only function is to remove toxic build-up and keep us healthy.


How cool is that?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that carries lymphatic fluid with infection-fighting blood cells throughout the entire body.


This system is often taken for granted and overlooked in avenues of healing.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is one of the many subsets therapeutic massage designed to work specifically with this system to help it work better.


Contrary to the deep tissue massage modalities that aim to stimulate the body’s muscles, this type of bodywork uses very light pressure with specific gentle, rhythmic strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system.


This, in turn, helps to speed up toxin removal (pathogens, intracellular debris, dead blood cells, and other waste) which helps to detoxify the body as a whole.


Why does the lymph system need help?


Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have the benefit of the heart to pump to push it through the body as our blood does, this flow can become compromised.


Without the benefit of the heart to pump it upwards to the neck region for further drainage, its upward movement depends on our muscle and joint movements to get there.


To add to the challenge, the lymphatic system drainage is very unbalanced. The right drainage area is responsible only for the right arm and chest region, but the left drainage area is responsible for the rest of the entire body.


Which is why most breast cancer survivors who have had lymph nodes removed on the left side have remaining long term lymphatic edema in their left arm.


This, my friends, is where MLD massage comes into play and really shines.


It is most widely used in health conditions that require assistance in draining excess fluid build-up and water retention such as:

  1. Surgical recovery
  2. Sports-related injuries
  3. Recovering from a recent cold or allergy condition


By removing these excess toxins from the lymphatic system our body’s immune system naturally improves and gives us an extra surge of energy that was once bogged down by a clogged circulation.


Common conditions improved from Manual Lymphatic Massage include:

  1. Recent surgical recovery
  2. Sports injury recovery
  3. Allergies or common cold-related congestion
  4. Migraine headaches
  5. TMJ dysfunction (after having deep tissue work to surrounding affected musculature)
  6. Breastfeeding dysfunction- mastitis
  7. Painful periods with abdominal and/or back cramping
  8. Breast cancer surgery recovery
  9. Arthritic pain swelling
  10. Fibromyalgia flairs


Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Massage include:

  1. Increased appetite (best for injury or surgical recovery)
  2. Boost in the immune system
  3. Boost in energy
  4. Substantial boost in metabolism
  5. Decreased feelings of depression by lifting mental fog
  6. Rapid recovery of sports-related injuries


If you have recently suffered a health crisis that could benefit from MLD contact us at (904) 448-0046 or book online to schedule your treatment now.


If you are uncertain if Manual Lymphatic Massage is the right treatment for you, simply call (904) 448-0046 to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with one of our experienced licensed practitioners to discuss your individualized treatment options.


See you at the table soon!



*Remember, lymphatic drainage massage is all about the flushing of your system, so it’s ultra-important to drink lots of water afterward!