I am 41 year old, female who has been seeing Dr. Miller for about one year now. After listening to my husband voice his concerns for my thinning hair I finally sought help. I was in denial about losing my hair for several years and after about 3 months of being treated by Dr. Miller I started to notice little hairs growing and a difference in the thickness of my hair. My hair has never been thick but in my youth it had been much fuller. I now have that feeling all over again, running my fingers through my hair and enjoying the fullness I have again. I also no longer have the shedding hair lying in the shower drain nor do I have a need to camouflage the thin spots. This treatment has increased my self confidence and I feel great about myself and the way I look as a result. I am so thankful to Acupuncture and Dr. Miller.

Tina Willis , Jacksonville, FL