Lisa: Office Manager

Meet Lisa, the brilliant orchestrator behind the scenes at our clinic. With her exceptional multitasking skills, she ensures that everything runs smoothly, from handling billing and invoicing to efficiently scheduling patients and providing comprehensive administrative staff training. As our Chief of Chaos Management extraordinaire, Lisa’s organizational prowess keeps us on track and thriving.

But it’s not just her impressive skills that make Lisa such a cherished member of our team; it’s her warm smile and helpful nature that truly set her apart. Always ready with a kind gesture or a lending hand, she creates a welcoming atmosphere for both staff and patients alike, earning the love and admiration of everyone she encounters.

Outside of her clinic duties, Lisa showcases her impeccable taste as the best-dressed person in any room she enters, often complemented by her envy-inducing shoe collection. Her flair for fashion adds a touch of elegance to everything she does.

Lisa’s caring spirit extends beyond the clinic’s walls, as she takes on the role of our very own Holiday Elf during Christmas. She finds joy in helping others, which is evident in her active involvement with charitable boards such as City Rescue Mission and First Coast Youth Athletic Group. Additionally, she plays an essential role in her church community, further embodying her dedication to making a positive impact.

With a heart full of love for everyone she meets, Lisa’s passion for both her work and community shines through in all she does. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her genuine care for others make her an invaluable asset to our clinic and a true inspiration to us all.